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Shessomaru... Inuyashas very hot older brother *sigh* ...... only thing wrong with him is, he needs to get rid, of the poof!!!!!

Dear Shesshomaru,

I THINK YOU ARE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much. and i think it is
so cute
how you take care of Rin oh you are the best. now that puff that jill
(what an
idiot she is) is your tale and i think it is so cool i just want to
stroke it
and burry my head in it cause it looks so soft.....sigh i love you so are so much better then that stupid half breed inuyasha and
he is
not even worthy of the umm yea that is all i wanted to
say......and i think you rock and everything and i am sorry about how
you don't
have an arm.

Love from one who loves you the most
Shess: Well hello Ariana..... thanks for the umm... compliments and such.  Now what were you saying about Jill and my tail.... I'm guessing you mean how she hates how poofy it is.... i always catch her behind me with siccors, or trying to buzz cut it while i'm sleeping but she just doesn't get that i will always catch her... i'm not stupid.... As for you and doing things with my tail.... please.... don't touch... i will have to hurt you..... You are right  about my little brother, he is stupid and doesn't disserve that sword, but one day i'll take t from him and beat him once and for all..... huh?
Rin: (stepping out from behind) Hi Lord Shessomaru!
Shess: Oh it's you Rin... what were you doing back there?
Rin: (Holds up white chunk of hair from his tail and smiles) Jill said she would give me some cookies if i cut down some of your tail.... she said u wouldn't mind (smiles)...
Shess: (gets very mad and yells) JILL!!!!!! when i find you your dead!!
Jill: (pokes head into the room) oh chill it was only a little chunk....
(Shessomaru yells loudly and Jill runs away )
Rin: what about my cookies....

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