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Koga the Wolf demon.... you know wolves are my fav animals..... yep..... there cute and strong, and beautiful.... just like Kago (well duh considering hes a WOLF demon)..... he's a great guy but needs to get over Kagome and go for someone who will be a little better *coughmecough* 
yah keep writing 

Dear Koga,
I just wanted to say that if you picked me to be your mate i would...i
know i shouldn't say such things but i can't help it i think you are so
cute and tough...your like a knight in shinning armor and i wish you
were my knight...the thing is i wouldn't try and make kagome your mate
cause no matter what she is in love with inuyasha so i am sorry but hey
don't forget i said i would be your mate cause i love you...also you are
the strongest and such a better fighter then inuyasha he is just to
full of himself to admit it
        From one who loves you
Koga- Thanks Ariana, and yah your right i am better than that stupid dog.... which makes me wonder why Kagome likes him in the first place... shes so beautiful and kind and hes.. well ... not.... oh thank you for you offer but *stands up with arm in the air* as you know i am in love with kagome and will make her mine one day!
Jill- *sitting next to him* oh please....
Koga- *sits back down* what?
Jill- *sigh* i agree with Ari on this one... kagome doesn't love you shes in love with Inuyasha FACE IT! and i don't get you! you have all thee girls falling over you and the one you choose you can't have and she isn't even that good! (no offence kagome i don't mean it realy)
Koga- your just mad because of that one time aren't you...?
Jill- ...... no...... *wining* but i still don't get why you said no!
Koga- haha sry jill and ari and everyone else jill clams likes me but i am determind to make kagome my true mate, it just feels right and is something i must do and i will succeed!!
Jill- sure..... whatever you say..... i still don't get why you said no tho......   

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