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*sigh* what to say about Miroku.... well he's a very nice and cute guy but he can have his... err.... moments...
Miroku: *walks up to Jill slowly and gets close* you really think so *smirks*
Jill: *slaps him* i told you enough of that!!! *stomps out of room* 

Dear Miroku

Hi i just wanted to say even tho you are perverted i still think you 
are cute. i really like you too. Plus you are cute and i feel so sorry 
for you hand. but if you ever get really desperate then i will have your 
child.......I know i shouldn't say such things but i can't resist you 
are so cute and hot and well cool.....also i think you and sango would 
make such a cute couple and you should be nice to umm yea i 
just want to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

From the one who will have your child
Miroku- *big smile* Well now...
Sango- Oh god here we go
Miroku- Whats wrong sango? you jealous? *smirks*
Sango- WHAT! ME! JEALOUS! HA!! how can you think such i thing... i am so not jealous of you...
Jill- *walks in and sits on Miroku* hey cutie sup?
*Miroku smiles and Sango's face starts to turn red*
Miroku- nuttin really... reading an email for Ariana... she wants to have my child
Jill- i thought i was supposed to
Miroku- well you both can
Sango- AHH *stomps out of room*
Miroku- You think it worked?
Jill- Yah, and see that was proof enough... My plan worked like a charm, hopefully the truth on how sango feels comes out soon
well i'm gunna go off and help Kenshin cook dinner...
Miroku- ok then... oh and jill you know that offer to have my children is still open ^_~
Jill- HAHA fat chance.... maybe one day ^_~ *Jill leaves room*
Miroku- haha everyone wants miroku.... anywho back to the email thanks Ariana i bet your cute to
maybe we can get together sometime if you know what i mean.... and i will be nice to Sango.. dont forget
i'm a gentleman ^_^   

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