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Now for the girl who carries around a big boomerang and gets hit on constantly by Miroku... no it's not me it's SANGO!!! WOOHOO.... well have fun and keep writing

Dear Sango,
I don't see why you won't admit in liking Miroku it is so obvious you
two are met to be and don't worry you don't have to have his child right
away i mean you can always just do other stuff but i am sorry about how
your family is dead i know what it is like...sorta but i love your cat
killala...i proably spelt that wrong cause i suck at just
keep up with your ass kicking skills with your big boomarang which
rocks as well and well you rock too i mean you are the best and not some
AHH I NEED TO BE SAVED type of girl and i respect you for that so just
give miroku a chance and you rock
          Girl who thinks you rock
Sango- oh please! how can i like someone whose so perverted.... it's.... just not right..... *switches glances* ....... ok anywho thank you for your praise, it gets very lonely at times but my friends are always there for me so i'm thankful for them!
Everyone in back round- YOU BETER BE THANKFUL!
Sango- Haha yah thanks everyone!..... continuing on, aww thanks and yah u got her name right, just take off one L .... it's Kilala, or Kirara.......
lol thanks i try to do as much good ass kicking as i can and i'm glad you like my weapon, if i can ever find another one i'll have jill give it to yah! ok well thank you for all the kindness and for the respect your pretty great yourself it seems ^_^ ... oh as for miroku... well i doubt it.... but hey you never know ^_~.....

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