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Now for the kawaii Shippo!.... one of the cutest foxes i've ever seen! (Kurama being an exception ^_^ ).... keep sending those emails! 

 Dear Shippo,

I just wanted to tell you that you are the cutest little thing I've
ever seen. You're adorable! I love your puffy tail, and the fact that
Kagome treats you like her kid. She treats you better than her little
brother. I think it's hilarious. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are
the cutest and that I love you cuz' you're adorable. (And cuz' you
tricked Inuyasha into thinking you were Kagome. That was wicked funny!)
Shippo- Thanks Kate! finally someone with some sence!  see Inuyasha i told you people think i'm cuter than you ^_^
Inu- Feh, did you ever hear her say anything about me
Shippo- well she did say she thinks i'm very cute and its funny when i tricked you making you think i was Kagome, teehee!
Inuyasha- hmph, she still didn't say you were CUTER
Kagome- HAHA shippo when did you do that to inuyasha?
Shippo- oh well do you remeber when he was being stubborn and made you go back to your time and stuck a tree in the well?    
Kagome- well thats happend a few times..... was he like stuborn and trying to protect me or stubborn and hot headed?
Shippo- umm i think a little bit of both that time around... it usually is...
Inu- grrrrr.... ok FIRST OFF there was only ONE time that i remeber when i stuck a tree in the well so she could never come back! SECOND! IT WASN'T ALWAYS BECAUSE I WAS MAD OR STUBORN! OK I'VE HAD ENOUGH! KAGOME TIME FOR YOU TO GO BACK AGAIN!
*Shippo and Kagome stare at him blinking*

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