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Here's Kagome's own little part of the site... shes such a sweety, answer every question for me ^.^ ...... well enjoy the questions and answer and send yours too!!

Dear Kagome,
Ok i just wanted to say that i think it is pretty cool how you can go
back and forth to the feudal era and present that must be fun to do. the
thing is i don't like how you act like a wimp sometimes i mean just
seriously kagome kick some ass and not be OMG SAVE ME cause that is so
lame to offense in all...also you should just kiss inuyasha i know
you both want to kiss it is so must be hard to deal with
the fact that he still likes kikyo but hey maby you can erase her from
his mind ^_~ ya know what i am saying...anyways i just wanted to say you
are really cool and you are like a mother figure to shippo and you just
need to learn how to not always need some one to save you and kiss
inuyasha DAMIT
         From a fan who thinks your cool
Kagome- well umm thanks for some of the compliments but for the other things.... HEY YOU TRY NOT BEING A WIMP WHEN YOUR IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT TIME, THERE ARE DEMONDS OUT TO GET YOU!!....believe me it isn't easy but i try to be brave when i need to.... and umm as for the kiss thing well umm....
Shippo- FINALLY someone who knows what there talking about! i've been telling these 2 forever to kiss but do they listen.. nope... there both to stuborn!
Kagome- oh stop it shippo! and you heard her.... i'm a wimp -.- .... especially when it comes to love....
Shippo- and you heard her about you being my mother figure! I NEED A DADDY IN MY LIFE!! I WANT A DADDY! *pretends to cry*
Kagome- o god here we go.....

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