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Ok here's where the Inuyasha mail goes... as you can see, since you did click on the link that said Inuyasha on it..... anywho, have fun.... it might take a little while for your message to get on, please be patient, i do have a life.... well sort of... KEEP MAILING :-D

Okay, this message is for Inu-yasha. 

I just wanted to let you know that I love you. You are so hot. You are 
amazing. You fight tons of demons, and don't have a problem. The only 
thing about you I don't like is how you treat Kagome. You're so mean. 
She doesn't deserve it. I'll admit that, at times, she can be, a bit, 
*bitchy*, but we all have our moments. And what the hell is up with you 
and Kikyo. She's dead. She's gone. She is no more. I don't know how many 
ways I can say it before you understand. Kikyo, she's the past, she 
can't do anyhthing for you anymore. Kagome however, she's the future, 
she's from the future, and she's way better anyway. And by the way, your 
brother, he's a pain in the ass. (I think all older brothers are.) But 
he's hot. So anyway, I just wanted to tell you that stuff. I'll see you 
(and Miroku) later, under Jill's bed, just like always. 

Love Always, 
Shippo- *jumping up and down and waving* HI KATE JILLS CUZIN!!
Inuyasha- hmph i can tell shes related to jill... first come the compliments then she yells at you about everything!
Shippo- well you have to addmit they're both right Inuyasha
Inuyasha- does everyone really hate kikyo that much?
Miroku- yep... you should see some of the stuff we get that we can't put on about kikyo...
Inuyasha- hey...when did you get here?
Miroku- well i was interested in that last part so i decided to jump in...
Inuyasha- *reads it over* Jill... what does she mean by "I'll see you 
(and Miroku) later, under Jill's bed, just like always." ??
Jill- umm.. oh nothing at all *laughs nervesly and bolts out of room*
Miroku, Inuyasha, Shippo- *Blink, Blink* 

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