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Heres the part of the site where you can mail other characters that i missed from Inuyasha!........ ok kate now u can send Kikyo as much hate mail as you like

Dear Kikyo,

I hate you. You always mess up everything. Your supposed to be dead. 
Dead people don't randomly pop-up and screw things things up. I swear if 
you come back one more time and make Inuyasha "dump" Kagome, which 
makes Kagome cry, and then she's mad at him, and hurt, and she goes back to 
her time, and... Okay I'll stop that there, but if you do it again you 
better watch your butt, cuz' I'll come after you! Inuyasha and Kagome 
belong together, and you belong dead. So there!! I hate you, and you 

As Always, 

Kikyo- Ok listen here Miss. thang! i don't care what you think 
and as far as i am conserned i am not completely dead yet!! i am still wondering the earth 
and i will continue to till the time comes for me to leave.... and when i do i will bring Inuyasha
down to the depths of hell with me!! and theres nothign you can do about it!!
Jill- well that wont be for a while tho cuz she has a signed contract 
Kikiyo- what contract!?!?
Jill- the thing i had you and all the others sign after i got you all drunk ^_~
Kikyo- damn  

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