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Show: Gundam Wing


Duo (so cute ^.^ )

Now for the one, the only, DUO!!! Here's where you can send letters and hear replies from Duo, It's also a good idea to send him food...
Jill- *pushes duo out of the way* Duo stop adding things!!!
Duo- What I'm Hungry
Jill- we have food here!
Duo- Yah but nothing good!
Jill- *sigh* ok fine, if you all want to you can send Duo food.
Duo- *hugs* thank you!! *runs out*
well hey, i can always take some of it from him... and i just wanted a hug ;-)   

Hi Duo, I don't know if you remember me but my name is Sepsess... YOUR
WIFE!!!! What the hell do you think your doing getting women to send
mail?? And don't give me that "Your the only one of them I love" CRAP!
you your just too cute... *Gives Duo a chocolate bar* Just don't do it
             These domestics were brought to you by: The Animaniac
Duo- *ducks down and covers head* I'M SRY I'M SRY I'M.... ooo chocolate *takes chocolate and begins eating*
Quatre- uhh Duo? when did you get married....?
Duo- *mouth full* well...... come to think of it.... i don't remember.....
Trowa- well you might not want to let her know that.... she doesn't seem to happy with you duo....
Duo- *sigh* my cuteness saved me once it might not help again.... well anyways to get myself out of the first mess.... I'M VERY SRY! IT'S JUST MY FANS EMAILING ME THATS ALL! CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME PLEASE!!....*ducks back down* and please don't hurt me....
Wufei- *shakes head* you wimp

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