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Show: Rurouni Kenshin



Now for the sweet, caring, emotional Karou..... i love how kenshin is so strong and brave yet when Karou is mad he makes sure not to get in her way..... *sigh* girls will always triumf (i can't spell so sound it out) over boys

even though you're in love with Kenshin... (resists strangling you) i think you're one of the coolest female anime characters ever! (Haruko is cooler... but she's an alien and drives a vespa... can you blame me? get a vespa and a bass gutar and you'll be cooler! ^_^) i mean, you're spunky, opinionated, and if your student insults you, you just beat the crap out of him! it's a win/win situation! At first, i didn't like you. i mean, you did snag the hottest guy in the whole show! (no offense Sano!) but... you're cool, so i really don't mind... on tuesdays...
> Laura, Kenshin's number 1 fan-girl (heeheehee)
Karou- umm what day is today?
Megumi- umm.... it's wednsday...
Karou- damn it... i knew i should have checked my letters yesterday.... well anyway thank you Laura (i guess) for all the nice things you said..... and i'll consider getting the bass guitar and a vespa.... whatever those are....
Megumi- *smirks* i don't know why either of you try... in the end i will get sir ken ..... haha that rhymed!! *brakes out in laughter*
Karou- *trying not to flip out and saying softly to self* he does love me he does love me he does love me he does love me......
Sano- *saying softly to himself* i am hot i am hot i am hot i am hot....
(note: and this is why most of these characters need cousiling.... lol jk)

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