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Email Anime Characters!!

Have you ever wanted to say something to an anime character from Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, Ruroni Kenshin, DBZ, or any other shows?  Well now you can!!

HEY EVERYONE! On this site you can send letters to your favorite anime characters! (or at least the ones i put up).... there are sections for each, and you can send them love letters, hate mail, questions, or just something completely random.  What you do is you email the letter to me ( ) and then i'll post the letter and have the characters respond. 
 It took me forever to convince them to take the time and do this... it isn't easy chasing down demonds, people with robots, people that can fly, etc. but i finally got them, and with using some... umm... methods, convinced them into doing this!  THANKS YOU GUYS!
*door opens and out falls Inuyasha*
Inuyasha: RUN AWAY SHES MAD *tries to run away*
Jill: *grabbing him by the hair, wispering* you really thought you could get away that easily! *shuves him back into room and locks door*
ehhem... well i hope you enjoy it ^_^'
oh heres the site where i got my idea from.. only i'm gunna kick it up another notch and do as many shows as i can....
well have fun and keep writing!! you guys are the ones that make this site.. i just do the posting really...
OH..... and i will be adding more shows to the site so if there are any shows that you would like me to add on then let me know and we'll see.

Warning: these aren't the REAL characters or there voice acters or w/e... this is just for fun and for laughs, it is quite enjoyable actually... please try and send as many letters as you like!!



Yu Yu Hakusho

Rurouni Kenshin

Dragonball Z

Fruits Basket

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